SEO Perth Specialist Helps Local Businesses

When we first met Ibi, a one man team in Ibi’s SEO Services, we were unsure on what he can deliver. But after getting to know more about him and seeing his work.. it was very clear that he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). And this is something we don’t say very lightly as we also specialise in creating online presence for businesses. In fact we were very impressed with Ibi that we have created a joint partnership between us and him. In that we would subcontract pretty much all of our SEO work to him. So we definitely recommend you go to him! So Ibi is kind of both our client and business partner. And we’re very glad to have him on board. This post is all about showcasing Ibi and his amazing work.

As mentioned above, Ibi specialises in SEO work. In particular, SEO in Perth, as he services local business within the Perth metropolitan area. Although he does assist with other Australian businesses. When asked why he pays special attention to the Perth market, he replied “Simple, I love to help people who own small businesses succeed.. and to start with.. why not help the businesses around your local area? In my case Perth!”… he also said “after all, I rely on their services from time to time.. so I feel like I am contributing back to the community in someway”. The things he was saying truck a chord with us. And the rest it’s history!

The businesses that Ibi has helped recently only had positive feedback in relation to the work he’s done and also the comment on his friendly, approachable and genuine care towards his clients. We definitely would agree on this as this is how he comes across to most of us here at Ivory Knight consulting.

In summary his services includes and of course not limited to the following:

  • SEO analysis to ensure websites adheres search engine requirements
  • SEO work to create maximum online presence as possible
  • Website design
  • Ongoing and progressive website maintenance
  • Social media management

If you are wondering how much the rates are… you’d be pleasantly surprised! Being a one man team (to ensure the highest quality SEO work being delivered), Ibi’s rates are incredibly low in comparison to market prices. Past clients have said to have saved more than 70% if they were to go elsewhere in Perth.

So enough said! If you need SEO work done on your website (the proper way that is). Then we can hook you up with Ibi. Just give us a holla or feel free to approach him directly.

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