How Facebook has Become a Necessary Tool for Local Businesses

Designing a marketing program is not always an easy task for most managers. First off, they need to be aware of the company’s business strategy in order to plan an effective campaign to move the business forward. They also need to be aware of the current trends occurring in the industry they belong to, as well as external factors that may affect their industry. Lastly, and just as important, they will have to keep a close eye on how their competitors are performing.

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The first part might actually be the easy one, since all one needs to do is coordinate with top management and other departments within the company to hammer out a clear business strategy that will guide the organization in the coming year or five. It’s the three other factors that need a bit more handholding and decisive execution.

This is where social media platforms come into play in a very big way. Take for example Facebook which has become the de facto platform from which everything is seen, read, heard and followed. This phenomenon of always knowing what other people are doing, listening to, watching, eating, even feeling, has turned the Internet in general as a useful tool for studying trends and learning about human behavior. Facebook gives an insight on the things that people want the rest of Facebook users want to know about, which in most cases a whole lot of everything.

From a business perspective, this can be a very significant tool for getting a pulse of the market and learning more about customer behavior. Facebook gives marketers a direct line to the market they are targeting. Corollarily, customers use Facebook as a sounding board for what they feel about a certain product or service, influencing the friends who follow them as a form of credible testimonial. Which then is passed on to other friends in their friends’ network. This symbiotic relationship allows one to feed off the other. Businesses can then innovate and develop new products based on customer feedback coming from Facebook. Consumers can influence companies on how to improve their products and how to conduct their business in general.