Bali Tattoo Business

Our very first client to be featured on our site is Indo Ink Bali Tattoo. An Australian based business that is operating in Bali. As the name suggests, they specialise in tattoo design and offer a first class hygienic studio in Bali. Employing local artists within the region, Indo Ink struckĀ  chord with the locals and visitors alike.

The business approached us a couple of months back to take over their marketing. At Ivory Knight Consulting, we love to help Australian business… even if they are operating overseas!

One thing about Bali in particular is that it is a popular destination spot for Australians. Thousands flock there every year to capture the awesome atmosphere and soak in the fun. Also, don’t forget the cheap shopping! With local delicacies to indulge in and the laid back lifestyle at the beach resort, it is not hard to see why the destination is so popular. Another major contributing factor is its relatively close distance from Australia. With competing budget airlines at war, prices for airfare to Bali has dropped rock bottom!

Back to the topic of tattoos, Australians love getting inked. With the lower prices of getting tattoo done in Bali, compared to here.. many are opting to get inked overseas. But one of the main concern is the hygiene standards, that is how does an oversea tattoo premises stack up with Australian standards?

This is where Indo Ink saw a gap in the industry. This is how Indo Ink Bali Tattoo was born! This resulted in a high class premier tattoo studio where Australians can go to and feel safe about doing so. With local tattoo artists doing the actual work, clients can aspect a truly a genuine Balinese ink experience!

So if you are looking to get inked, then we recommend you give these guys a go! An Australian based business based in Bali, Indonesia. You will get the best of both worlds!

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